Monday, April 20, 2015

The final weekend!!! 4-17-15, 4-18-15, 4-19-15

A magical weekend that left me feeling a little confused!!! With the lifts running and the sun beating down on what little snow was left, I headed up Friday with Grady McCombs. So nice to see the hill busy again!!! We knocked out # 98 right away on the first Blueberry Chute, and then started pounding beers. We ran into Pat McCarthy and Nick Ennen in the parking lot. Nick gave me some amazing duck jerky!!! This smokiness combined with the richness of the duck is a winning combination. It really helped wash down the shitty can beers!!! It was at this point, I realized this was going to be a crazy weekend. At first, I thought I was blowing it because I did not bring my camera, later I realized this weekend was going to be  more than a little foggy. The camera would need to be looked after, and not lost!! I believe the same could be said for me!!

Rose like a rocket on Saturday, put on my Seattle Ray Allen jersey, and headed up with Grady, and Erok stuffed into Grady's truck. We took some laps in the sun, and even remembered to put on extra sun block. We were fried southern style from yesterday. I took #99 by myself in the same zone as yesterday. Afterwards I headed to the tap room to see Eric Nord, who was guest bar tending for the day!!! Left there in a haze of IPA and good friends. Good thing I had a safe ride home!!! The Banked Sledom is tomorrow.

Sunday, Bloody, Sunday!!!! I decided to leave out last nights partying extravaganza! Let's just say Grady and I were in rare form last night!! I was laughing so much that my face was stained in tears of joy!!! Sunday morning was the reckoning!!!! I had to have Grady buy me some ice cream! He brought it over and wanted me to head up with Heather and Nikki. I told them I would be there in an hour!!! So I hitched up with Ben, who works at Frequency, we had met a couple days before in the parking lot. I tried to savor every little part of the day. To think about what this whole project was about, Why I did it? If it even mattered? and most importantly what to do next to keep my soul shining and blissful? I came to the conclusion that #100 had to be a solo mission to figure out these questions. I sat for a long time meditating in the sun before my run. It was nothing special, the same line I had rode the last two days, but the time spent at the top was well worth it!!! I could hear the excitement of the ski area below me, and feel the emptiness inside me! I  am a person who needs goals and to motivate myself. At that moment I felt as if I had nothing because I was about to finish this thing!!! All winter I could  keep pushing myself forward, this allowed me to keep the confidence that most people associate with me. I think most people feel great about reaching their goals, to me it is the stretching and yearning for them that makes me feel strong!  I decided not to party at the Banked Sledom. I was drained and needed to rest. I love to be the life of the party, and that was not going to happen! So I hitched a ride down with Spreader!!!! Miss that guy a ton!!! A gigantic thanks to everyone who believed in me and supported me!!! Gonna put out a thank you post once all of these feelings settle!!!

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