Monday, April 6, 2015

4/4/15 The arch stone of the season!!!

On this past Friday evening, I learned of the lunar eclipse/ blood moon celestial orgasm that was going to occur early on Saturday morning. I instantly became focused on finding a ride to see this cosmic event. I was striking out quickly, everyone was out partying. Others had lost their winter lust and could not summon the motivation required. I was waiting on a call back from "fullface" Tim when the phone rang!! As if some energy, from an unknown spot in the universe, had connected our thoughts, Wade Bucher called to see about a midnight skin mission.  I became like a white light burning bright with excitement.  What were the chances?? We made plans to meet at 4 AM.

The storm kept us from seeing the moon, but we did get an excellent prize for our effort. The sun rose directly over the peak of Mt. Shuksan, and burned brightly through the thick, dark clouds!!! The storm gave us about 5 inches of blower and now we had visibility. Part of me wanted to hike Herman because it is such a long, fun run, I knew what I really needed to do was knock out some laps!!!!

Wade and I did 5 laps before lunch. The chute, two on pan face, a gravity rollers to CYA, and finally out to the first Blueberry chute. The sun was blasting, but the snow stayed rather cold!! It actually became better throughout the day as the sun turned the blower into creaminess!!

center right black "dot" is Grady

At one point, we saw this group coming down Hemi. One member of the group was cliffed out on the far lookers right of the elf chutes area. We watched for about 5 minutes debating on what was going to happen. I thought the rider was going to need to be roped out!!! Later in the evening, I discovered it was my good friend, Grady McCombs!!!!! He totally made a sweet move to get out of the jam!!! I took a photo not knowing it  was him!!! So funny!!!!!

Wade had to go to Seattle. I ate lunch on his tailgate as he packed up and thanked him for a great day and the ride. Then I headed back up the hill, meeting up with Issac Wells, Evan Whitehead, and their friend Clayton. We did 3 more lines all some version of the Meadow to CYA. By 4 PM I was really pooped!!! I caught a ride down with Jeff, a grad student at Western Washington. It felt good to really hitch, instead of catching a ride with a hommie! Day 99 77 BC laps in, 23 to go!!!!

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