Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/13/15 - 4/14/15 Rumor grew of a shadow in the East, whispers of a grand finale!!!


Always a big smile from PJ
Headed up with PJ Moran at 11:30. PJ has been leading team "Crushing It" since the Ski Area was forced to close in early March. Last week he made the summit of Skuksan!!! 11 hours of skinning for one run!!

The wind kicked up through the day, driving snow into faces as we skinned up the hill. It really seemed like a true Mt Baker storm, blowing snow around and filling in the gullies. Our heels were sore from all the skinning the past few days and it just felt like a one run day. My splitboard bindings are missing a few screws!!! The remaining screws are working too hard, and are trying to fall out as well!!! 

Big news of the day!!!!! THE SKI AREA WILL BE OPEN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! All the snow has piled up enough to re-open for closing weekend!!!! The perfect end to the season !!!I am stoked!!!

Day 103 of snowboarding, 90 BC runs, The final 10!!!


White Salmon Lodge is still there!

Grady picked me up in his new truck. Said truck was purchased from our good friend, Eric Triplett. We decided to park at the lower lot by the ravens and check out the Skuksan side of the Ski Area. Gabels was our target!!!The run, named after a former employee, has not been open the entire season!!!! We could not let that stand!!! So we skinned up to the top off Chair 5.

Captain Goofball

The snow was perfect, and Gabels was killer!!!! Steep and untested!! What a rush! We had to do it again. The legs were screaming as we neared the top. The sun broke out and it was only another 800 vertical to the top of Hemispheres!!! Grady lead the way, I did my best to keep the frustration of constantly re-tightening my screws at bay, mostly I just kept counting to 100.

The top was glorious! The clouds were rolling in and out, we didn't mind and waited for some good visibility. We did Hemi to the elbow and out the summer road. Near the bottom we ran into C-Lo and PJ. They were smiling ear to ear and convinced us to go for another run.

Another long trip up hill to the top of Hemi. The second run was even better, Grady said near the top of the season! I love 2000 ft powder runs!! Day 104,  93 runs  7 to go!

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