Friday, April 3, 2015

4/1/15 The rocky song plays in my head all the time now!!!

As many of you know Grady McCombs is an excellent example of a good friend. Personally, I enjoy helping my friends immensely because I think it displays loyalty. Yesterday, Grady offered a trade to use my car for the next two days. His car is getting a new engine, and the Northfork Brewery is 15 miles away.  So today, Grady gave me a ride up the hill, in my car whose rights he traded for!! I have had to be as krafty as the New England Patriots lately!!!

Nobody is up at the hill these days!!! It snowed last night and there were less than 10 cars!!! The clouds in the sky were being blasted away by the sun as we decided where to go. When "everyday" Alex said he had never hiked Mt Herman, we made our decision!!! To Mt Herman!!!

The clouds are your best friend and worst enemy on a day like today. As we skinned up the boulder field, the sun roasted us!! I mean we were sweating like pigs in Vegas... Then as we neared the peak the clouds had retaken the momentum and destroyed our lovely visibility. The turns were fast, and needed to be light in the snow because of a crust below the top layer.

We hiked back to the parking lot so we could fix Alex's binding, It was again hot and sunny as we headed up the blueberry to the ski area. We rode gravity roller to CYA and it was better than Herman!!! This aspect did not have the crust we had felt earlier!! We were stoked!!! Grady had to get to work so we jammed. Day 98 69 laps down 31 to go!!

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