Monday, March 9, 2015

3/7/15 -3/8/15 Bad things happen in 3's?? Well than things should get better soon!!


Ride up the hill was provided by Vaughn Gifford. Vaughn is an instructor at the hill, but his true passion is music. We chatted about writing, recording, and performing for most of the ride. It was a great start to the day.

The sun was blazing brightly as I headed out for a hike. Near the base of the Chimney I noticed that my Machu Pichu patch had fallen off. It made my heart sink, Probably not going back to the high Andes for a while!!! The view cheered me up, so I took a video to share. The ride down was soft and slow until I made it to the Blueberry Chute. It was super icy and I had to side slip some of the way down!!

The ride home was from Miles, a cool high school kid from Bellingham. We listened to Freddie Gibbs, a rapper from Gary, Indiana. True rap, no autotune The dude is extra thug-a-licious!!! Check him out!!


Partied with Grady and Erok at Chair 9 last night and had a great time!! As I walked out to the road I noticed my tire had a bubble in it!!! Ouch!!! Looks like no more driving for the rest of the season!!! Really glad I have a bike!!!!

Many people ask If I ever turn down a ride. I never have, but today I thought long and hard about it! The driver, Brandon, did a double burn out turn around in the middle of the highway. I was stoked for the ride, and Brandon toned down his driving on the way up. It was a fast ride up the hill.

My main goal for hike #48 was to find the Machu Pichu patch I lost yesterday. No dice!!!! It must have blown away in the wind like a lyric from Bob Dylan. I checked the lost and found just for shits and giggles and received some more non-positive news!!! The ski area had decided to close due to lack of snow!! So today will be the last day of the season unless we get some snow!!!! Ouch!! The death blow to my unyielding positiveness concerning the 14-15 season!!!

The ride down came from Dan. I recognized him from my days as a bartender at Chair 9, and I really tried to enjoy the ride down, will it really be the end? So many questions in my mind?

One more ounce of non excellent news. The daylight savings time/ early morning raft trip had caused my friend “Everyday” Alex to miss today at the ski hill. He rode everyday of the season only to miss the last day! A very strange Shakespearean ending.

I am gonna take today to reflect on my quest. Can I continue? All I need is 52 hikes to complete my goal!!! With no lifts running, rides will be hard to come by and the tire further complicates my transportation issues!!! Seeking advice here!! If you have input please share and tell me what you think!! I could definitely use some support and advice! So don't be afraid to give it to me straight!!


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