Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/3/15 -3/4/15 Seems like Colorado out here???


Paul and Emma, two traveling kiwi's, moved all their gear to give me a ride. They said they had been hitching all over Canada and wanted to pay it forward!! Today was their 1st day in America and I wanted to make a good impression on them in the name of all good, loving Americans!!! I talked them into going for a hike out to the base of the Chimney!! 

We hiked from the parking lot, instead of taking the chair. The day was warm and sunny, one of those days that the wind in your face makes you feel truly alive. I found a sweet spot where the wind had deposited some snow and we milked the mellow turns for all they were worth. Great to meet cool people!!

Maggie Shwartz gave Kyle Maciulski and I a ride down. Tonight is her birthday party and it is gonna be a feast!! Thanks to Dave Reera for the capicola and salami! It feels great to have something to share!


Maggie's birthday party was wicked!!! So much food and a really good turn out of at least 50 people.
I ate too much!! and had a few beers. Jeremy, the neighbor, came along for the first time to a Glacier party. I think he had a good time!!!

Josh and Ann gave me another ride today. I was thankful because the parking lot was empty. Getting rides is becoming more difficult, but that is what makes it fun sometimes. The smaller of event it takes to make me happy, the better off I am. I think??!!

Found an excellent wind wave of snow to ride and I took a photo to give you an idea of what I am talking about. I am gonna take someone there tomorrow because it was that fun!! Matt Colford gave me a ride down. He runs food service at the hill, and we bullshitted about the season. Gonna try to get him out tomorrow! Erok says he is in too!

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