Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3/24/15 Jah Bless being job less!!!

Heather Elizabeth Haines, or as I like to call her "Heh"

Woke up stiff and sore from yesterday's long day in the backcountry. Grady McCombs, Heather Haines, and “everyday” Alex scooped me up around 8:30 AM. In the parking lot we met up with Brian Buckley and Carson Yach. The foggy sky ushered us toward the only face we could see. We headed out blueberry and made our way to the far side of the horn. The wind and sun worked together to fight off the clouds and we were stoked to have some good visibility.

PJ says winter is back!
We skinned back up to the ridge and took a second line just lookers left of diamond trees. The light continued to improve, and the snow began to warm from the solar radiation. We headed back up through the ski area and had some fun on Pan Face. We were all tired and Heather and Grady had to work, so we cruised to the parking lot. As we were loading up, PJ Moran, and Chris Loeser made it back from Mt Herman. They were jacked up on good vibes and convinced Carson, Brian, and I to do one more run.

At first I wasn't that into it. Then they said they were going to ride Harry Scary!!!!! Very few people have rode that line this season!!! With the extremely low snow conditions there is a mandatory 40-50 ft cliff to deal with!!!! The ideas was to ride the sweet top turns, get to the cliff, and then repel the cliff to safety. Need less to say I was a little gripped, but it was elephant loads of fun!! Yet another first time ever moment to add to the season that wasn't for some.....4 Runs today puts me at 64 BC runs on the season.

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