Monday, March 23, 2015

3/22/15 - 3/23/15 New sunglasses rule!!!


Nord and his banana
The telephone rang at 9:18 AM. It was my lovely brother calling, meanwhile I felt like I was dead. With a shout I came back to life with a severe hangover. Huge bash at Chair 9 last night to benefit the new skate bowl that is going in at the coalpad. Glacier was really alive and everyone was in rare form. I crawled out of bed and went for a walk by the river. The exercise was doing me good so I decided to take Grady's bike back to his house. My vision was blurry and I could not put together a thought, but I was happy to be out of bed and not sick!!! The walk back was calming and slowly thoughts starting firing into my mind. I rolled into PJ, C-lo, and Nord's just in time for coffee and breakfast. They were all feeling last nights good times,but were serious about going Snowboarding!!

I ran home and grabbed my gear. How could I possibly turn them down? We were all sweating out the toxins as we skinned up that sacred hill. Our first run was gravity rollers to CYA, then we did a north face to pea gardens. We were pretty juiced
so we chilled in the A frame for an hour,  and
then PJ could not be denied another run.
One more out to pan face and I was ready for the car!!!!

Andy Sahlfeld, Ben Williamson, and Eric Nord


PJ Moran
Went to bed early because it is snowing!!! Headed up with PJ Moran, Eric Nord, and Andy Sahlfeld with big plans!!! LET”S HIKE THE ARM!!! It had been like 64 days since I last was able to get to that side of the mountain!!!

We met up with Natalie Miller, Ben Williamson, and Maggie Vogt at the Gunner's Bowl saddle and skinned up to the top of Hemispheres. We rode down to the top of chair 8 and then skinned back up to the high traverse that leads to the Arm of Shuksan. Our crew grew as a couple others followed our tracks and then shrunk as some left for work. The ride down the lobes was so rad, until we got to the bottom!!! Super low snow conditions and tons of rocks, holes, and schrunds. Brody, one of our late joiners, slipped off a cliff and fell into a hole with water running down it!!!! Yikes!!! It was the scariest fall I had ever seen because of all the rock and the fact that he disappeared into a hole. Some how he was not injured!!!! I was thinking he had a broken leg or worse!!!!After the scare we skinned back up by safety line for another run. Everyone was really tired, but Nord led the charge and we rewarded him with first turns on the way down!!! We had to once again brave the rough terrain on the way out and then hike down to White Salmon.

PJ traded me a pair of sunglasses today so I no longer have to wear the ladies pair I bummed from the lost and found. Pretty stoked to look like a dude again!!!

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