Monday, March 2, 2015

3/1/15 - 3/2/15 so much sunshine! so little snow!

Image result for thin lizzyWent out last night with two of my best friends in the world last night. As Grady McCombs, Eric Triplett and I rode our bikes to Chair 9, I felt like a cosmic wind had blown me back 5 years in time. Time spends with dear friends is time cherished in my book. I swear I could hear Thin Lizzy's “The boys are back in town” coming from the darkness!!!

Ride up was from Tim today. Tim owns a DJ company and has lost over 100 lbs in the last year or so. The way he described snowboarding and it's importance in his life resonated with me. It was nice to listen to him speak his mind, knowing we were totally on the same page. He put on some beats and free-styled a little. He had talent and I enjoyed discussing his more electronic style!!

Played tag with the bathrooms again and then rode down near the Blueberry chutes. Snow should be here in like a week, we need our terrain back!!!! Ride down came from Paul. Paul is British, living in BC and dating a girl from Bellingham!! How worldly!!Nice guy!!

Tyler and Allison

Tucker Parrish and Jesse Hughes were my ride up today. They had big news!!!!They are going to manage a ranch outside of Twisp, Washington. Seems like this winter is killing our town, but I try to remember “The Lion King” circle of life kind of thing!!!

Met up with Tyler and Allison Long for a couple icy runs and then Tyler and I hiked out to Artist Point. The hill has been cold at night and the snow has been blowing around fiercely. Some of the gullies on top are refilling with blown in snow every night. The terrain is super mellow, but no one should complain about sunny, soft, mellow turns these days!!!! We met back up with Allison and the dogs and enjoyed the sunshine. #42 in the books. Thanks to Allison and Tyler for the ride home!!!

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