Monday, February 9, 2015

2/7/15 - 2/8/15 Out in the cold rain and snow!!


Spirit Animal party last night. I was a spirit wolf shaman (of course) and had a great time partying!!
Green suit morning started with a ride from Jake and Mark. They are some college boys from Western. The ride made me think about how different I am now from when I was 19 or 20!

It was snowing at the top and raining at the base of the hill. We were lucky, everybody was saying the storm was going to shut us down. It came in a few degrees colder than expected and we were able to add some snow up top!! Just goes to show the importance of staying positive!!
Eric, an old instructor buddy gave me a lift down the hill. He has his second child on the way!


As I strutted out to the road I saw a blue Prius start to pull over. Adriann had picked me up a week earlier, and apparently enjoyed the conversation. She even remembered my name because her Irish father is named Albert. We spoke mostly about Ecuador and children's ski lessons.

The day was sunny and you could see Table Mountain. I was of course wanting to find a partner for the backcountry.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            As I rolled up to 
rain runnels and hoarfrost
chair 1 I thought about who I might be able to find with a pack. On the way up the chair I chatted with the young lady next to me, Heather Haines. Turns out she raft guides for Wild and Scenic and has 17 days in the backcountry this season!!!. We headed out to the Blueberry chutes and conversed on thoughts and emotions and how they are related. Such an interesting topic and what it drove home to me was how different our perceptions of reality are. We all think and feel differently, even given the same stimuli. WOW!! That's deep!!

The second run was fun, until I got picked up in a tiny wet slide!!! I was able to stay calm, stay on my feet, wait for an opening and them rip out of it to a safe nob on my left. We had been very careful all day, and knew it might slide so it wasn't a big deal and we were ready for it. Hikes 25 and 26 in the books.

Heather gave me a ride home and I was stoked to make a new friend.

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