Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/25/15 - 2/26/15 one inch at a time!!


Daniel Bullock slowed his Tacoma on down and I was thankful for the lift. I met Daniel 10 days ago when he game me lift down the hill. He is 35, and still can't give up his love for the mountains. He wanted to work on some crampon and ice ax skills so I decided to join him for a hike out to Huntoon Point. I took a mellow route and he tried a more technical zone.

Found some “end of the day” birds on top and even they would eat out of my hand!

Ride down came from David who works in instruction. He had received a bottle of scotch as a tip! The tip was from Leon who has been at the resort quite a bit lately. Leon gave me a ride last week on the 18th.


I have heard of "sugarbush" but not "snowbush"
Ride up today came from no one other than the infamous Leon. He had his Dutch girlfriend Hesther with him and it was their last day! It snowed an inch last night and a little more throughout the day.

I met up with Kainan Landholm and quickly convinced him to go for a hike. Kainan had been in Nebraska for the last month and was chomping at the bit to get after it! We had a little visibility for the first run out to the now very familiar Blueberry Chutes. We were skipping on the ice through our turns, but could tell it would be good with just another couple inches. Kainan talked me into the 2nd hike as the sock rolled in. By the time we got to the bathrooms you couldn't see 5 feet from our faces. The ride down was total vertigo! We couldn't see anything or tell how fast we were moving. We stayed to the road so it was super safe, always a weird feeling!

Kainan lost the roeshambo with “everyday” Alex and had to wait for another ride. Alex and I rode down with Ashton from NC.

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