Monday, February 23, 2015

2/22/15 - 2/23/15 Plenty of Vitamin D up there!!


A sunny morning in Glacier, and the birds were singing as I made my way to the highway. Only a few cars passed before a Subaru stopped. It was Heather Haines heading up to hammer some turns. We rode together on 2/8/15 and it was nice to randomly see each other. We met up with Carson Yach, and “Everyday” Alex for some laps in the sun. The snow pack is down to the ground in some places as high as 4800 ft! We chilled at the mossy bench near the top of the blueberry cat track!


Heather gave me a ride down the hill. We talked about a telephone-pictionary game-night-party. Then using the phrases and drawings to write a song! For those of you who have never played it works like this: 1st person writes down a phrase at the very top of a piece of paper, the 2nd person reads the phrase folds it over so it can't be seen and then draws the phrase, the 3rd person looks at the drawling and writes a phrase on  a new piece of paper and so on. Everybody starts as the 1st person and goes at the same time. It is useful to put your initials on your drawings and phrases to help keep order. You also needs lots of paper and pens. Sounds like a killer good time!!!


Backside of Shuksan Arm

Today it was Josh and Ann who stopped their Subaru to give me a lift. All ski bums love Subaru vehicles. I love to tell people they are made in my hometown. Josh and Ann have been up at the hill forever! They are 45 and look 33! Today I got a good chance to hang with these guys and get to know them better. The sun was shinning and it is always a good day to make new friends.

I hiked out the road and decided to check out a different zone. I headed out towards Lake Ann getting hammered by the sun. The views were great, but my camera died before I could get a video. The sun had softened the snow for my ride down and it was mellow, soul-shine fun!! #33

Riley Fulton and his hommie Dustin gave me a ride down. Riley had busted his ski today and said he was gonna take a week off. Not much snow left!

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