Saturday, February 21, 2015

2/21/15 Hike #32 and it was a bruiser!!!

Kelly Sensecqua and Darren Hainrihar came over for some beers last night. We talked about heading out to the “Lightning Rod” to see if there is any snow up high! When they called this morning, something made me jump out of bed and get after it. I don't think it was the snow conditions. I think only doing these short hikes lately has made me thirst for something more difficult and worthy of being called a "Backcountry run".

cool snow ridge

First of all let me just say these guys are true madmen! They crushed me on the opening section of the hike. They never stop for any reason, and they don't call him “Cardio Kelly” for nothing! Darren is more like Legolas from “The Lord of the Rings” his foot never falls through the snow. He is always on top of the snow while everyone else is up to their knee. I stopped to take a photo and fell behind.

Darren "the hanglider"

 Them boy waited for me and soon enough we were on the glacier. It was super icy out there, and I was about to turn back because I did not have crampons or an ice ax. Right then Corey Nolan and Max Paetz came out of nowhere. ( In reality they came from the top!) After chatting for a bit, Max offered me his crampons. No way I would have made it without them!! Your the man Max! We snapped a few photos on top. It was very choice up there!!

"Cardiovascular" Kelly

The ride down was better than I thought. There was about 3 inches on boiler plate ice. As Darren went 1st, I could see it would be fun as long as you didn't lay into your turns. Another hour hike out and we made it to the truck. I was beat!! Finally a hike worth talking about!

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