Friday, February 20, 2015

2/19/15 -2/20/15 Thanks for the snow!! Can I have some more!!


Manford the mustache is back!
Arkie gave me a second ride up this season. The first was on 1/16/15 and he had the same Metallica Album on!!!! I can listen to the same cd in the car for months at a time so I was down with it.

The hill was trying its hardest to snow, but like an old man not much was coming out. It had snowed a bit and the runs were soft, but slow. I guess shaving my beard helped a little! Hopefully it will kick in tonight and bring us some pow!!

The ride down came from Stacie. She made her way up to Baker from Snohomish for a hike in the hills! Turns out she runs the office for a local Skydiving company!!!! Never gone sky diving, but would love to give it a go! Josh Charles makes it look easy in Hawaii, but then again he makes everything “look” easy!!!


Jack Taylor and Kaden McFarland moved some gear to squeeze me it this morning. Young bucks and the beans, Like fish and chips: Classic, traditional, and nearly inseparable. Tough for me to turn the stoke up like these guys can. They were about to fly out of the car when it started snowing near the top!!

Took some switch laps in the fresh inch of snow and then decided to go hike. It was extra socked in so I went out to a line on blueberry I could ride in my sleep. It felt great to be able to actually ride down the hill side. The last 3 hikes I had to ride down the snow covered road because it was bullet proof icy! Took a second lap with "Everyday Alex" to work off all the steak from last night. He has  made everyday this season, still doesn't ever wear gloves and is really part wolverine I believe. He lives in our rafting gear shed down at Wild and Scenic and has no heat!! He told me he has only spent about $100 this winter. I told him I will pick him up to go to the food bank next week! What an animal! 31 hikes!

Kelly Sensecqua gave me a ride down. We have been buddies since the 07-08 season. He just started a tree service business and needs clients if anyone needs some good cheap tree work! GOOD LUCK KELLY!!

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