Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2/17/15 -2/18/15 It is gonna snow tonight!!!!!!


Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Esther!!!! 35 today and spending some well deserved time off!

Received some inspiration today from the couple that gave me a lift up the hill. Paul and Becky saw me at the last second, and had to turn around in the highway. We began with the usual pleasantries, and then I asked them about their lives. They both had been married before, met while both working for Ski Area's, had two kids, lived in a boat, and are now retired ski bums/ sailing wizards!!!! Talk about a blue print for happiness!!!

With fresh hope in my heart, I hiked out to the base of the Chimney. Such a beautiful day with the sun shinning and little wispy clouds everywhere. I sat in the sun totally quiet for an extended period of time. Trying to see something new in my minds eye, hoping a raven would land next to me.

Zack Dawson, a big bearded gnarley skier, from Lopez gave me a beer and a ride home. Zack has spent many night in my condo, but all before my time. I purchased the condo from his best friends parents back in 06. We both talked about shaving our beards to make it snow!!!

Helped clean out Milano's last night. SOOOO SAD!!!! Dave never really got a fair chance. The winter without business has claimed it's first victim in Glacier. I wish Dave the best, his food was great, the placed looked the best I had ever seen it, but in the end nobody could have made it this winter!! Good Luck Dave!!! Luv you Bro!!!!


Leon, the guy who gave me a ride up two day ago, woke me up with a knock on the door. I thanked him for offering a ride, but wasn't ready yet!!! Peter gave me a ride instead. Peter is a giant, hulking,60 ish. skier from the Czech Republic. He has given me tons of rides over the years. Today I didn't have much to say.

Took another hike out Blueberry today! 29 hikes completed!! I needed the exercise. Grady McCombs, Erik Jacobsen, Eric Triplett and I pigged out last night on meatballs and shrimp from Milano's and my freezer is totally full. No need for the food bank this week!!

Bob “the gray” further increased his lead by giving me another ride home today. We stopped near mile marker 45 to checkout the trees that fell across the river. Gonna be a huge log jam that you can walk across. Sweet!!!!

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