Sunday, February 15, 2015

2/13/15 -2/15/15 Half way through February!


 Caught a ride up with an old timer named Bill.After taking a few laps I ran into Tyler Long. I always loved working with his wife, Allison, at Milano's. We chatted the day away, mostly about music. Then we decided to have a couple beers in the sunshine! A stellar way to finish the day!! He gave me a ride home and we munched on some old roast beef sandwiches the mountain couldn't sell!!! Yummy!!!

Took a photo of White Salmon from "roadshot" just to capture something I hope I will never see again!! No snow in February? WTF??


Went to Robby's music party last night! It was really fun, but the evil neighbors said they had to stop at 8:30, or they would call the cops!!! So I lugged all my equipment for merely exercise. 

Thought Zoe Vernon was going to give me a ride, but she was hitching too! The next truck stopped and picked us up. It was Timmy Taussig, a cousin of my hommie Charlie Taussig!! I had never met Timmy, but had seen his name in the Banked Slalom results. I was struggling to keep it fun today, and then had a strike of genius. Sometimes when your feeling down the best thing to do is something good for others, or the world in general. Tomorrow I will pick up trash in the resort!!!!!! The low snow pack is great for finding trash and getting it off the hill!!

Caught a ride down with Noble. We stopped in the old growth for a walk. It helped me feel a little better!

Don't be a litter bug!!

A group of young bucks picked me up today! Gideon, the driver, had expired tabs and was worried about getting pulled over!! The day was sunny and warm, but the snow pack had locked down into ice! Yuk!! Picked up trash and was amazed that so many people leave their beer cans on the hill! Ski coats have like 50,000 pockets so use one and keep our hill sacred!

The hill was really busy for some reason. Must have been the sunshine because we only had 3 chairs open. The runs were super crowded and I got scared and went home. Daniel Bullock gave me a ride home. He is new to the area and seems to have amazing amounts of extreme experiences!! I think he is a pro mountain climber, or a climber/ journalist. It is always tough to make new friends in a new area so I think I will try to invite him boating.

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