Thursday, January 8, 2015

1/6/15 - 1/8/15 Locals Qualifier Sign-Up


Caught another ride with Bob “the gray”. Signed up for the locals qualifier today. It was pretty tricky considering the race cost $20 and I have committed to not using money until after the season. Usually in life there is a “backdoor” and this situation was no different. The ticket office allowed me to use a $20 gift certificate I had received for working on Christmas. I was extremely happy to be able to race this year; part of me thought I would not be able to get around the entry fee.

The hill was in rough condition today with too many rocks showing!!! I took some runs throughout the day with all the locals who came to sign up for the race. Most of the day I removed rocks from the runs. It felt good to try to make things better. Caught a ride down with Kenny from instruction. Two instructor rides today! Rides seem to come in pairs.


Bob “the gray” two days in a row! I got his schedule figured out. There was an absolutely amazing sunrise today over Mt. Shuksan. It was my favorite park of the day! The longer you are up on the hill, the more you appreciate the colors of the sunrise. Most days it is cloudy, so a clear morning is a treat!

The hill was garbage today! Really icy and not groomed well. It is not the resort's fault; we just need more snow. Colton and I worked all day moving snow around the hill trying to fill in the rough patches. Nearly everyone who rode past said thank you and it filled me with love and good vibes.

Caught a ride home with Kris Lay and his girlfriend, Jilly. We talked about the new “Hobbit” movie. Audrey and I are going to see it tonight after we hit up the food bank. For Christmas, I gave her a gift certificate to the IMAX theatre so we could have a date or two during the season (I bought it before the season started). I had to think ahead so she would not dump me over the no spending $ thing! Gift certificates are not money!


Woke up with a sugar hangover. I felt like I drank a six pack, but really I ate too much candy. I literally shoveled sweets in my face for 2 hours straight last night at the movie. Took me an hour to catch a ride today! The longest wait of the year. Finally, a nice guy named Billy picked me up in his truck. He had an overly affectionate dog named “Ollie” who tried to lick my face the whole way up. I took some runs with him and it was a good time. It was warm and sunny and the snow had softened since yesterday.

Have I said lately that we need some snow? Anyways......

Caught a ride home with Kathleen and Marissa from Vancouver. Two nurses who spent their first day at the resort. They were very nice and interested to hear about our little town of Glacier. The drive down was beautiful with the sun shining though the mossy trees.

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