Monday, January 5, 2015

1/4/15 and 1/5/14 Snow and rain


We were hoping the storm would rage last night. Instead, it waited until  9 AM to start snowing.
My former neighbors, Tony and Caitlin, picked me up at the Snowater pullout. They are getting married this summer!!! It was their first day up this season; they had spent the holidays in Salt Lake.

The storm was heavy all day. It was a near whiteout all day long. Took some runs with another former neighbor, Calvin “The Happy Hippy”. After a short break I met up with Terry, my former landlord. Terry owns the sweet off-the-grid cabin on Thompson Creek that we lived in two summers ago.

Jonn and his girlfriend Ashley gave me ride home. The temp had warmed up and it was nearly raining. Jonn is a great rider and it was bittersweet to hear he is just a weekend warrior this year. Makes me feel old to see the young riders graduate college, but always good to get the schooling in!


Yesterdays snow turned into rain last night. We received about 4 inches of precipitation overnight. It was a rain/snow mix of all rain at the lower lodge and about 15 inches of snow at the top of the hill. If it would have been colder we would have                                                                     received about 30-40 inches in one night!

I knew it would be a wet day so I wore my green one piece rain suit. I found it at Goodwill several years ago. I have been told that it is what a refinery operator wears to protect themselves from petrol chemicals. Anyways, I had quite a wait out on the road. I actually saw more cars going down hill than up! Finally a Subaru stopped and a nice guy named Chris from Bellingham picked me up. Chris was also ready to ski in the rain. Today was his 17th day of skiing this season! An awesome feat for anyone, but even more impressive from a 50 yr old with a real career! I really enjoyed chatting with him and soon after we were at the hill.

The resort was really fun. The rain had softened the snow and made creeks and little ponds everywhere. The snow was so saturated near chair 5 that I sunk to my knees in slush. Yuck wet boots! I took a short video of riding down a slush creek with water running over my board. Always something new to see or do on weird days like today!!

Caught a ride down with Adam who is stationed nearby in the Coast Guard. He was at the hill with his son and it was the first time the little one saw snow!! He realized I tell the same “life story” on every ride and moved the conversation into more interesting waters. On a day when I thought hitching would be horrible I was surprised with two great opportunities to meet cool people! Touch√© universe!

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