Friday, January 23, 2015

1/22/15- 1/23/15 Here comes the rain!


Wore the green one piece rain suit today, but it wasn't really raining. The first car that passed me on the road stopped to give me a ride. Pat, an athletic middle-aged woman, was hoping for some soft turns. We chatted at length about the legalization of recreational marijuana. It was interesting to understand her perspective as a mother and as a former medical user! Working hard on being a better listener!

The snow was great and soft. I have been working on riding switch lately, takes me back nearly to a beginner. Hopefully next year I will be able to ride pow switch. Matt Edgars was also out shredding it up and we took some laps! Another ride with Bob “the gray”. This time down the hill which is unusual.

Yuk! Snow should be white!

Rough Day! Waited for 2 hours in the driving rain for a ride! Ouch!! So many people passed me, I think the shiner was scaring them off. Finally, after an hour of contemplating on the importance of patience, I was ready to give up. I told myself to wait for one more car! It stopped with Matt Edgars driving and Andrew Beaudoin in shotgun! I was really stoked! I had planned to walk home and ask Audrey to drive me up. Glad I didn't need to.

Rode with those guys for a few runs. I was riding the 145 boxscratcher, which is 16 cm shorter than my regular board. I again worked on riding switch. The hill looks really rough. If the rain does not stop soon the hill might have to close. El Nino is kind of a little brat!

The ride home came from a nice Israeli family! Yael and I had a wonderful conversation on frustration. Maybe the most common negative feeling most people experience and such a difficult one to get out of our minds! I am very thankful to have the quest fighting off the frustration of a bad snow year!

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