Tuesday, January 20, 2015

1/18/15 - 1/20/15 Locals Qualifier and Hiking!

1/20/15 the 31st day of operation

Had a risky decision to make this morning. Shake off the hangover and ride in the morning, or sleep in and ride pow in the afternoon. The tricky part was that the Seahawks played at noon and the rain was supposed to turn to snow about the same time. I decided to go early and make it down for the game! The game epic! 

Caught a ride with Frangelica to the hill.We had never met but knew some of the same people in the fire fighting community. Carson Yach was already in shotgun. I made them listen to Frank Zappa , but I am pretty sure they tuned it out.

Took a few runs with Carson and the snow wasn't too bad. It had rained the night before and then turned to snow in the morning. A really wet day, but I felt confidant I had made the correct decision.
Todd, a stay at home dad, gave me a ride home. He owns a surfboard shaping company named Bula Surfboards. He had the really chill surfer vibe! Go Hawks!
Christin Clawson setting up the course


Today was the locals qualifier for the 30th Legendary Banked Slalom. This was the first year I raced, and as expected I didn't do that well. So many skills in snowboarding, and racing is one of the many I need to work on.

Gene the instructor gave me a ride to the hill and I was so pumped up to race! The hill had received about 7 inches of light fluffy pow and many riders cared more about the snow than the race. After I finished I did not ask for my time, instead I went out to enjoy the backcountry. There was not much visibility so we opted for the safest line know as “safety line”. Afterwards I headed in to hear the results. I had a couple buddies qualify for the race. Jeremy from upstairs turned some heads by qualifying! Go Jeremy!! I started to feel bad because I did poorly, but then I remembered to keep love in my heart and love myself for at least trying! That is all we can do in the world!

Will from Bellingham gave me a ride home. He has given me many rides over the years so we had a chance to catch up. It is forecast to be sunny tomorrow! I hope it works out because I need to get some more hikes in before February starts.


Wow! What a day! Peder stopped and moved gear for like 5 minutes to give me a ride! Peder is an instructor at the hill and a crazy skier! We have work together for as long as I can remember and I was happy he decided to stop!

For such a beautiful day there was no one at the hill besides locals crushing the backcountry. Got 3 laps on the Shuksan Arm and 1 on Hemispheres. That now makes 17 for the year. I need some good days to get back on track.

Ole Espeland gave me a ride down. He also works at the hill. We talked mostly about his father, Denny. Denny was assistant mountain manager when I started at the hill. He displayed an excellent example of how to behave in management! Never saw him yell or be cruel. He was very understanding and a pleasure to see everyday! He retired last year and we all sure miss the hell out of him! Great photos and videos today!!! 2nd  video was washed out by a snowball hitting the camera. Hit myself in the face with my knee today! ouch!!! Pictures tomorrow!

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