Friday, January 2, 2015

1/1/15- 1/2/15 Happy New year!


Happy New Year again!!

A great late night of partying made for a late start to the new year. I made it out to the road at 10:30 a.m. in rough condition hoping for a peaceful ride. Robert, a nice Canadian fellow, cruised up at a steady speed and had Frank Sinatra playing softly. It may be the least I have ever spoken on a hitch. I was totally honest with him about my poor condition and thanked him many times thorough out the day.

Audrey's father, Terry "legs" Lucterhand, recently asked about the name of the quest and it's significance. Ravens are often used in Mt. Baker imagery. The three-eyed raven is a character in the HBO series, “Game of Thrones." The raven is kind of like the voice of the universe helping heroes reach for their destinies. “The Quest For The Three-Eyed Raven” is my quest to listen to the universe by doing what makes me forget about all the things there are to worry about in the world. Problems with money, people, situations, are put away for a few minutes. Worries and anxieties are out of mind in the moment. When we do what we love nothing else seems like a big deal!

Holiday gapers are everywhere!!! lookout!!! We need some snow! Caught a ride down with Justin Simmons' roommate and his brother, an engineer from Everett. They were super nice and I chatted their ears off. I get excited pretty easily!


Got up early and caught a ride with an employee who works in rental retail. I wanted to get some groomer runs in before the crowds showed up. The hill got scary in the afternoon with no visibility and too many beginners not paying attention. I met up with Jeremy and Dan and after a few more runs we decided to head down. Then this happened!

thin slice off the top!

We had a little fun with my Christmas present and ninja suit! For those of you wondering- that is a Cold Steel two handed katana machete!  As you can see, the snow is falling in Glacier. The hill received an inch or two of snow this afternoon and I hope it keeps snowing!!! Thanks to Ryan for the photos.


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