Sunday, January 11, 2015

1/10/15-- 1/11/15 Finding ways to make it fun!

Jerry Simmons stopped his white F150 behind me as I was walking out to the highway. He had his buddy Mike and daughter Jordan with him. Jerry and I first met many moons ago at the resort or possibly in the Snowater hot tub. Over the years we have spent more time together and I have gotten to know his entire family. Such a good family full of loving people!!!

Mike, who works in the concrete business with Jerry, was a little surprised when he looked up at the hill. “Where is all the snow?” I don't know, Mike, I just don't know. The hill was foggy and difficult. We felt a couple beers and shots of Fireball would help. They made it better and I was pumped because I put some new tunes on the Ipod.

They gave me a ride home and it marked the first time this season that I have rode up and down with the same car. Big Seahawks game tonight!


A bunch of cars passed me today with no one in the front seat. What's up with that? Then a family with two babies stopped to give me a ride. Amy, the mother, even climbed in back so I could ride up front. Jeff, the husband, had about 6000 questions for me. Every time I tried to answer he interrupted me with another question or point. I had to laugh to myself. “I guess this is what it is like to chat with me!!”

The riding was fun today. The snow was soft and some homies were building a quarter pipe off 5. Kainan Landholm and I were out riding and stopped to help. The feature looked awesome when we were finished. My camera ran out of batteries right after I snapped two shots of Nate Kewin. Better luck tomorrow I hope.

Caught a ride down with Brett and Julia from BC. They seemed like they got after it pretty hard. Mountain biking, ski touring, mountaineering, and a love of geology. Good people!! I offered to take them rafting with Wild and Scenic River Tours, they gave me two apples they could not take across the border!

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