Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/30/14 and 12/31/14 Touring!


Caught a ride with a Canadian family who has a place in the Glen. They were excited to get up to the hill and so was I. I had my splitboard gear with me and was hoping to tour. The high pressure from yesterday was still around and the back lot at the upper lodge was full.

Found some old friends to join in a skin to Table Mountain. Wade Bucher was with some mutual friends, Dustin and Julie, and the 4 of us headed out past Artist Point to look at the road gap. It was not ready or should I say I was not ready for it! We made our way past the “horn” near the same zone as our 1st hike back in October. We got a couple runs in and headed back to the resort.

Shawn Don gave me a ride home. We reminisced about an incident from many years ago. It was one of those negative turned into a positive event. We had a beer on the way down and hugged it out when he dropped me off! Sweet sunny day!


The last day of the year and Grady and I had made plans to head up early and get a skin in. We both needed to get to the food bank in Bellingham and it closed at 3 PM. A young lady named Annie picked me up. She was heading to the upper lodge to snowshoe. She seemed happy to be out in nature!

We rode one of the same lines I had done the day before. The sun felt warm and we wanted to stay in the shade. The snow was warming up and it was forecasted to get warmer, increasing the avalanche danger. With that in mind, we were back in the lot by 11:30 AM.

Tyler gave us a ride home. He was out skinning with his wife and was also headed down early. On the way down we found out that we know his dad Big John. Big John sometimes plays bass in a local bluegrass group called "Bentgrass“. He also sold his house to our friend Paul who runs the Baker Bus and Wild and Scenic river tours. Small World!!

7th back-country run of the year, got to the food bank and still made it home by 4 PM. Tonight=Party!!!

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