Thursday, December 25, 2014

12/23/14-----12/25/14 Here is a three pack! half as good as a six pack!

Bob “the Gray” picked me up bright and early today. Bob is a gentleman and a master ski instructor who is a former Boeing engineer. He is not to be confused with Bob Hulett, another ski instructor that I like to call Bob “the blonde”. Saves a lot of explaining or trying to remember last names.

The day started out cold and snowing! The runs were fast and icy. Just as the snow started to pile up it turned to rain. The rain continued and softened the icepack from yesterday into mash potato snow. The freezing level is supposed to drop and we might have 2 feet of powder for tomorrow!!

Caught a ride down with the Baker Bus! Paul Engel and his wife, Sara, run a shuttle to the mountain during the season. It is a really cool program that helps reduce the number of cars up at the hill and gets kids riding! It services the Kendall, Maple Falls, and Glacier area, and has a big bus that comes from Bellingham on the weekends and holidays. They give free rides down the hill to anyone if there is room! An excellent example of good karma as a business!!

12/24/14 Christmas Eve!

Caught a ride up with Chris from Alaska. Chris was going to rent my place last year, but I had to back out at the last minute. The good news is we still became friends and shared some great days of riding. I was extra happy to see his face because I was slightly hungover from the night before and some rides are horrible if you're not feeling well. Chris drove slowly and by the time we were at the upper lodge I was feeling better. It could have been the 11 inches of freshness laid upon the rain-softened snow from yesterday.

It was the best snow conditions all year and the resort opened more terrain throughout the day. Everyone was all smiles and high fives and the place really started to seem “fully alive” for the winter. The Area will be open tomorrow on Christmas! Should be great!

Dylan Hart picked me up with a wave as he pulled his truck over to give me a ride. It was less than 30 seconds after I put out my thumb. Dylan is a photographer and rider from the east coast who is well known in our local community. He had skinned out to Huntoon Point for a couple of runs. We had a good heart-to-heart on the way down about life. It is nice to chat with people who are willing to be so honest about themselves. Most rides down the conversation is more small talk.

12/25/14 The Big Day is Here!!!
If I get up early enough, the easy ride up in the morning is with ski intructors. We have to be at work at the same time and 2 of them live in my condo complex! Today, Gene picked me up. She is in her 40s, from Colorado, and has been an instructor for 18 years!!!!

Had a great day and said Merry Christmas to a lot of people I care about! A huge family living in a snowy paradise. If only every day was this nice!

Krista Dixon, the employee lodge cook, gave me a ride home and I was sad to hear that she is leaving for Minnesota. She is going to make some cash during their snowmobile season slinging beers and chili! Merry Christmas Every One!

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