Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11/25/14 aaaaaah! much better!

Jeremy Flynn hiking as a heli drops in for a look
Made plan with the neighbors Jeremy Flynn and Dan Scanlon to head up early. Grady McCombs tagged along so we had four dudes and boards inside Jeremy’s trusty Toyota Corolla. It was a little tight but the extra weight helped the little two wheel drive car on the snowy road. We decided to park at the lower lodge because the gate was open and we had explored the upper side of the resort the day before. It was a stellar decision in hindsight. Some luck had come our way!
                 As we made our way to chair 7 we could see snowmobile tracks leading uphill towards both chair 8 and chair 5. Seconds later a lift supervisor was spotted heading out to chair 8 with a lift operator. Looked to me like they were putting seat pads on chair 8 which would mean that chair 8 was running! After chatting about our options we decided they would never let us on the chair and that we should head for the top of chair 5. We had hiked this route in the summer and thought it would be the easiest if the snowmobile track ended and we had to hike in the deep fresh snow.
Toe side
                Not 5 minutes later a Piston Bully snowcat grooming machine came by and stopped. They asked us to be careful and look out for heavy machinery. We agreed and smiled as they drove off clearing a groomed trail to the top of Chair 8! Now we were motoring up the hill. Two more employees passed and wished us well saying they hoped to open on Thanksgiving. It took us only 45 minutes to get from the lower lot to the highest point in the ski area.
                The sky was nearly clear and the visibility was great. The snow was cold and light and had consolidated quite a bit since yesterday. We opted for a super mellow line just to be safe and it was choice. With no rocks or steeps to slide we were able to open it up a little on the mellow terrain. The four of us hooted and hollered all the way back to the trusty Toyota Corolla!

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