Monday, April 20, 2015

The final weekend!!! 4-17-15, 4-18-15, 4-19-15

A magical weekend that left me feeling a little confused!!! With the lifts running and the sun beating down on what little snow was left, I headed up Friday with Grady McCombs. So nice to see the hill busy again!!! We knocked out # 98 right away on the first Blueberry Chute, and then started pounding beers. We ran into Pat McCarthy and Nick Ennen in the parking lot. Nick gave me some amazing duck jerky!!! This smokiness combined with the richness of the duck is a winning combination. It really helped wash down the shitty can beers!!! It was at this point, I realized this was going to be a crazy weekend. At first, I thought I was blowing it because I did not bring my camera, later I realized this weekend was going to be  more than a little foggy. The camera would need to be looked after, and not lost!! I believe the same could be said for me!!

Rose like a rocket on Saturday, put on my Seattle Ray Allen jersey, and headed up with Grady, and Erok stuffed into Grady's truck. We took some laps in the sun, and even remembered to put on extra sun block. We were fried southern style from yesterday. I took #99 by myself in the same zone as yesterday. Afterwards I headed to the tap room to see Eric Nord, who was guest bar tending for the day!!! Left there in a haze of IPA and good friends. Good thing I had a safe ride home!!! The Banked Sledom is tomorrow.

Sunday, Bloody, Sunday!!!! I decided to leave out last nights partying extravaganza! Let's just say Grady and I were in rare form last night!! I was laughing so much that my face was stained in tears of joy!!! Sunday morning was the reckoning!!!! I had to have Grady buy me some ice cream! He brought it over and wanted me to head up with Heather and Nikki. I told them I would be there in an hour!!! So I hitched up with Ben, who works at Frequency, we had met a couple days before in the parking lot. I tried to savor every little part of the day. To think about what this whole project was about, Why I did it? If it even mattered? and most importantly what to do next to keep my soul shining and blissful? I came to the conclusion that #100 had to be a solo mission to figure out these questions. I sat for a long time meditating in the sun before my run. It was nothing special, the same line I had rode the last two days, but the time spent at the top was well worth it!!! I could hear the excitement of the ski area below me, and feel the emptiness inside me! I  am a person who needs goals and to motivate myself. At that moment I felt as if I had nothing because I was about to finish this thing!!! All winter I could  keep pushing myself forward, this allowed me to keep the confidence that most people associate with me. I think most people feel great about reaching their goals, to me it is the stretching and yearning for them that makes me feel strong!  I decided not to party at the Banked Sledom. I was drained and needed to rest. I love to be the life of the party, and that was not going to happen! So I hitched a ride down with Spreader!!!! Miss that guy a ton!!! A gigantic thanks to everyone who believed in me and supported me!!! Gonna put out a thank you post once all of these feelings settle!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

4/16/15 The Last sunny weekend has begun!

big pinwheel
It felt right to get out to the road and find a ride. As I walked out, I thought about all the great rides I have caught this season. Who would pick me up today?

A shitty old Toyota pulled over, I immediately recognized the driver. Vaughn Gifford had given me a ride earlier in the season. We had previously had a great conversation about music. This time I decided to dive a little deeper. Vaughn reminds me of myself at his age, but slightly more aware than I was at 19!!!

 Vaughn writes a song a day!

We went for a hike out to "table" and discussed energies along the way. Turns out Vaughn's parents are Mormons and have disowned him. His music is how he processes life events. I think snowboarding does the same for me!!

Met up with Heather Haines, and Issac Welch for some hot laps. Today was my first day not riding a splitboard since March 8th!!! My regular board is about 5 lbs lighter and way more responsive!!! I was stoked to rip some turns on the slow, sticky, sun affected snow!! Heather gave me a ride home and we went to the Coalpad for a skate party!! Gonna be a long weekend!!! Day 106 lap 97 3 to go!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4/15/15 The taxman can wait!!!!

Mother Shuksan at her finest!!

No, I did not pay my taxes!!! They owe me $, but since it costs $ to file, they are gonna have to wait a while. Hopefully, they will let me slide. Instead of worrying, I decided to go hike the Arm!!

Grady McCombs and I were at the hill by 9:30. As we skinned up, we were able to admire our tracks from yesterday.  PJ and C-Lo's tracks looked even sicker out on the Skuksan Arm. Grady and I both agree that Shuksan side has better backcountry.

We did the "football fields" first. We waited nearly half an hour for good visibility, and it was well worth it. Nobody else was out on the Arm all day!!! We skinned back up to the top and tried our luck on the  first of the "lobes".  Another soul fulfilling run with great light.

The skin back up was difficult, we had to get around this giant cliff nob and the snow was warming up. All day I kept spelling my family members names as I made my way up hill. I miss my family, and felt this was a good way to love them from far away!!! You have to do something to keep your mind busy. Otherwise, It is easy to get tired and lose motivation.

Hemi was calling our names!!! I spotted a line out on "Old Man" and was stoked to be able to ride to the car!! What a day!!So lucky to be this blessed in late April!!! Lift turn tomorrow!! I am excited to hitch, and then ride the lifts!!!  Day 105 96 runs in!!! Down to 4!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/13/15 - 4/14/15 Rumor grew of a shadow in the East, whispers of a grand finale!!!


Always a big smile from PJ
Headed up with PJ Moran at 11:30. PJ has been leading team "Crushing It" since the Ski Area was forced to close in early March. Last week he made the summit of Skuksan!!! 11 hours of skinning for one run!!

The wind kicked up through the day, driving snow into faces as we skinned up the hill. It really seemed like a true Mt Baker storm, blowing snow around and filling in the gullies. Our heels were sore from all the skinning the past few days and it just felt like a one run day. My splitboard bindings are missing a few screws!!! The remaining screws are working too hard, and are trying to fall out as well!!! 

Big news of the day!!!!! THE SKI AREA WILL BE OPEN THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! All the snow has piled up enough to re-open for closing weekend!!!! The perfect end to the season !!!I am stoked!!!

Day 103 of snowboarding, 90 BC runs, The final 10!!!


White Salmon Lodge is still there!

Grady picked me up in his new truck. Said truck was purchased from our good friend, Eric Triplett. We decided to park at the lower lot by the ravens and check out the Skuksan side of the Ski Area. Gabels was our target!!!The run, named after a former employee, has not been open the entire season!!!! We could not let that stand!!! So we skinned up to the top off Chair 5.

Captain Goofball

The snow was perfect, and Gabels was killer!!!! Steep and untested!! What a rush! We had to do it again. The legs were screaming as we neared the top. The sun broke out and it was only another 800 vertical to the top of Hemispheres!!! Grady lead the way, I did my best to keep the frustration of constantly re-tightening my screws at bay, mostly I just kept counting to 100.

The top was glorious! The clouds were rolling in and out, we didn't mind and waited for some good visibility. We did Hemi to the elbow and out the summer road. Near the bottom we ran into C-Lo and PJ. They were smiling ear to ear and convinced us to go for another run.

Another long trip up hill to the top of Hemi. The second run was even better, Grady said near the top of the season! I love 2000 ft powder runs!! Day 104,  93 runs  7 to go!

Monday, April 13, 2015

4-11-15 - 4-12-15 We got da big cold dump!!


Jess's right hand is huge!
Received a ride up this morning from long time friend Jessica Burchiel. Old Man Winter finally decided to show up at Mt Baker with about 10 inches of cold smoke. By 8 AM we were on the skin track heading uphill. It snowed hard all day and everyone was exerting a great deal of energy. Consequently, we were wet with  sweat and melted snow inside and out!!

Trying to wrap up the quest was at the forefront of my mind. I just kept pushing myself to keep moving and stay warm. Jess did amazing for only her second day on the hill this season. We did two pan face laps and two in the gravity rollers. Afterwards, I could see the fatigue in her eyes, and feel it in my knees!!! She headed to the car and I did one more in the complete white out just to get 5 in for the day!!

Day 101 85 laps 15 left to go!


Last night was the annual " Super Hero Party" at Chair 9. Every year it marks "Sparkle" Sam's birthday and is a blast for our little town. I was pretty tired from yesterday, and left the bar before midnight with plans to ride with Grady and Heather Haines.

As usual, someone's Facebook photos from yesterday reminded everyone how fun it is to snowboard!! The lot was full when we rolled up around 10 AM.  We did our first two lines down "sticky wicket". as it has not been opened this season. Really great runs with enough steepness for the deep day. We skinned back up and did one right under chair 6, and then finished with one down the edge of chicken ridge towards Austin's Pass.

Day 102   89 laps  11 left!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

4/5/15 My 100th day of the 14-15 season.

My body was drained.  After seeing no new snow, sleeping in and refreshing my legs seemed like a good idea. Then Grady called " What else are you gonna do, dude? Not that many day left!!"

Heather Haines was driving and they picked up the wolverine, "everyday"Alex, on the way. Sorry to say, but I was grouchy... I guess you could even say Krabbe!!! I shook it off on the skinned up and we headed out to just under chimney. We had spotted a sick, steep, sunny line no one had ridden. It was a big rollover and we wanted to be safe so we took it slow the first time through. The snow and visibility combo was fantastic!!!! Everyone was stoked to do it again, with a little more flow.

 We skinned up the first blueberry chute and out to our line. On the way, we ran into Jeff, the guy I hitched with yesterday.  They joined us up top, but let us drop in first. I always have to fight the feeling that I have first right of refusal on the snow.... NOBODY CAN OWN THE SNOW!!! We appreciated their respect and crushed the line the second time through!!!!

We headed up for one more on pan face and moseyed back to the car. Another day of full sun has us looking like we were in Mexico, but just on the face!!! That first beer tasted like liquid gold and lasted about 3.14 seconds!!!! 100 days 80 BC runs 20 to go!

4/4/15 The arch stone of the season!!!

On this past Friday evening, I learned of the lunar eclipse/ blood moon celestial orgasm that was going to occur early on Saturday morning. I instantly became focused on finding a ride to see this cosmic event. I was striking out quickly, everyone was out partying. Others had lost their winter lust and could not summon the motivation required. I was waiting on a call back from "fullface" Tim when the phone rang!! As if some energy, from an unknown spot in the universe, had connected our thoughts, Wade Bucher called to see about a midnight skin mission.  I became like a white light burning bright with excitement.  What were the chances?? We made plans to meet at 4 AM.

The storm kept us from seeing the moon, but we did get an excellent prize for our effort. The sun rose directly over the peak of Mt. Shuksan, and burned brightly through the thick, dark clouds!!! The storm gave us about 5 inches of blower and now we had visibility. Part of me wanted to hike Herman because it is such a long, fun run, I knew what I really needed to do was knock out some laps!!!!

Wade and I did 5 laps before lunch. The chute, two on pan face, a gravity rollers to CYA, and finally out to the first Blueberry chute. The sun was blasting, but the snow stayed rather cold!! It actually became better throughout the day as the sun turned the blower into creaminess!!

center right black "dot" is Grady

At one point, we saw this group coming down Hemi. One member of the group was cliffed out on the far lookers right of the elf chutes area. We watched for about 5 minutes debating on what was going to happen. I thought the rider was going to need to be roped out!!! Later in the evening, I discovered it was my good friend, Grady McCombs!!!!! He totally made a sweet move to get out of the jam!!! I took a photo not knowing it  was him!!! So funny!!!!!

Wade had to go to Seattle. I ate lunch on his tailgate as he packed up and thanked him for a great day and the ride. Then I headed back up the hill, meeting up with Issac Wells, Evan Whitehead, and their friend Clayton. We did 3 more lines all some version of the Meadow to CYA. By 4 PM I was really pooped!!! I caught a ride down with Jeff, a grad student at Western Washington. It felt good to really hitch, instead of catching a ride with a hommie! Day 99 77 BC laps in, 23 to go!!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

4/1/15 The rocky song plays in my head all the time now!!!

As many of you know Grady McCombs is an excellent example of a good friend. Personally, I enjoy helping my friends immensely because I think it displays loyalty. Yesterday, Grady offered a trade to use my car for the next two days. His car is getting a new engine, and the Northfork Brewery is 15 miles away.  So today, Grady gave me a ride up the hill, in my car whose rights he traded for!! I have had to be as krafty as the New England Patriots lately!!!

Nobody is up at the hill these days!!! It snowed last night and there were less than 10 cars!!! The clouds in the sky were being blasted away by the sun as we decided where to go. When "everyday" Alex said he had never hiked Mt Herman, we made our decision!!! To Mt Herman!!!

The clouds are your best friend and worst enemy on a day like today. As we skinned up the boulder field, the sun roasted us!! I mean we were sweating like pigs in Vegas... Then as we neared the peak the clouds had retaken the momentum and destroyed our lovely visibility. The turns were fast, and needed to be light in the snow because of a crust below the top layer.

We hiked back to the parking lot so we could fix Alex's binding, It was again hot and sunny as we headed up the blueberry to the ski area. We rode gravity roller to CYA and it was better than Herman!!! This aspect did not have the crust we had felt earlier!! We were stoked!!! Grady had to get to work so we jammed. Day 98 69 laps down 31 to go!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

3/28/15 - 3/29/15 Splitfest!


PJ Moran, Grady McCombs and I headed up the hill at about 2 PM. A really late start, but it was needed because PJ got rather tuned up last night. I filled him in on the foggy details and reminded him to buck up because tonight is going to be a huge party at Chair 9 for Splitfest. Splitfest happens every year, and lets us check out all the new splitboards and other backcountry products. The best part is the raffle. I hear they are giving out 8 boards this year!!! Wish I could but a raffle ticket!!!

Nobody was at the hill. PJ talked me into skinning up Mt Herman. It took some convincing because of all the rocks we could see. I have 1 splitboard, PJ has like 50 pairs of skis.. I stopped whining and we made our way up the mountain. The top was super foggy and we waited for a suckerhole so we could see better. The ride down was 2000 ft of sweetness and as promised we didn't touch a rock!!

We made it down with just enough time to shower and pound a few beers before we headed to the raffle! Day 96 BC run #66


Last Sunday was the start of an awesome week of riding!!! Today I tried to relive it, so we can get some more snow this week. Woke up less hungover than last week, took Grady's bike home, walked back and rallied the troops at PJ's. We were haggard, and it was raining at the hill. We skinned to the top of Pan Dome and dried out in the patrol shack. The snow was so slow on the way down!!! Gravity rollers to CYA was fun, but I was ready for a nap afterwards!!! Thanks to PJ for driving again!!! Day 97 BC run #67. Hope it keeps snowing!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

3/26/15 Tri sporting it!! Day 95

PJ Moran and I played some disc, rode mountain bikes and then decided we needed a lap up on the sacred hill! He had left his wallet up there the other day, and it was a good excuse to make some turns. The day was sunny and really warm, the snow was wet and slow. We took some photos and enjoyed the silence and majesty that only the mountains can provide. Lap 65 completed!!!

Chris Loeser was home when we got back to town!!!! He informed us he was making meatballs and his family's sauce. Don't let the last name fool you, his mom's mom was straight out of Sicily!!! I ran home and grabbed some ravioli's from the freezer.  Thanks again to St. Dave Reera for the hook up on Milano's food!! The gift that made my winter!!!! Went home stuffed like a pig!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3/24/15 Jah Bless being job less!!!

Heather Elizabeth Haines, or as I like to call her "Heh"

Woke up stiff and sore from yesterday's long day in the backcountry. Grady McCombs, Heather Haines, and “everyday” Alex scooped me up around 8:30 AM. In the parking lot we met up with Brian Buckley and Carson Yach. The foggy sky ushered us toward the only face we could see. We headed out blueberry and made our way to the far side of the horn. The wind and sun worked together to fight off the clouds and we were stoked to have some good visibility.

PJ says winter is back!
We skinned back up to the ridge and took a second line just lookers left of diamond trees. The light continued to improve, and the snow began to warm from the solar radiation. We headed back up through the ski area and had some fun on Pan Face. We were all tired and Heather and Grady had to work, so we cruised to the parking lot. As we were loading up, PJ Moran, and Chris Loeser made it back from Mt Herman. They were jacked up on good vibes and convinced Carson, Brian, and I to do one more run.

At first I wasn't that into it. Then they said they were going to ride Harry Scary!!!!! Very few people have rode that line this season!!! With the extremely low snow conditions there is a mandatory 40-50 ft cliff to deal with!!!! The ideas was to ride the sweet top turns, get to the cliff, and then repel the cliff to safety. Need less to say I was a little gripped, but it was elephant loads of fun!! Yet another first time ever moment to add to the season that wasn't for some.....4 Runs today puts me at 64 BC runs on the season.

Monday, March 23, 2015

3/22/15 - 3/23/15 New sunglasses rule!!!


Nord and his banana
The telephone rang at 9:18 AM. It was my lovely brother calling, meanwhile I felt like I was dead. With a shout I came back to life with a severe hangover. Huge bash at Chair 9 last night to benefit the new skate bowl that is going in at the coalpad. Glacier was really alive and everyone was in rare form. I crawled out of bed and went for a walk by the river. The exercise was doing me good so I decided to take Grady's bike back to his house. My vision was blurry and I could not put together a thought, but I was happy to be out of bed and not sick!!! The walk back was calming and slowly thoughts starting firing into my mind. I rolled into PJ, C-lo, and Nord's just in time for coffee and breakfast. They were all feeling last nights good times,but were serious about going Snowboarding!!

I ran home and grabbed my gear. How could I possibly turn them down? We were all sweating out the toxins as we skinned up that sacred hill. Our first run was gravity rollers to CYA, then we did a north face to pea gardens. We were pretty juiced
so we chilled in the A frame for an hour,  and
then PJ could not be denied another run.
One more out to pan face and I was ready for the car!!!!

Andy Sahlfeld, Ben Williamson, and Eric Nord


PJ Moran
Went to bed early because it is snowing!!! Headed up with PJ Moran, Eric Nord, and Andy Sahlfeld with big plans!!! LET”S HIKE THE ARM!!! It had been like 64 days since I last was able to get to that side of the mountain!!!

We met up with Natalie Miller, Ben Williamson, and Maggie Vogt at the Gunner's Bowl saddle and skinned up to the top of Hemispheres. We rode down to the top of chair 8 and then skinned back up to the high traverse that leads to the Arm of Shuksan. Our crew grew as a couple others followed our tracks and then shrunk as some left for work. The ride down the lobes was so rad, until we got to the bottom!!! Super low snow conditions and tons of rocks, holes, and schrunds. Brody, one of our late joiners, slipped off a cliff and fell into a hole with water running down it!!!! Yikes!!! It was the scariest fall I had ever seen because of all the rock and the fact that he disappeared into a hole. Some how he was not injured!!!! I was thinking he had a broken leg or worse!!!!After the scare we skinned back up by safety line for another run. Everyone was really tired, but Nord led the charge and we rewarded him with first turns on the way down!!! We had to once again brave the rough terrain on the way out and then hike down to White Salmon.

PJ traded me a pair of sunglasses today so I no longer have to wear the ladies pair I bummed from the lost and found. Pretty stoked to look like a dude again!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

3/17/15 Four leaf clover!!!!

Base of Table
My lucky streak continued today!!! John Allen, Grady McCombs, Eric Triplett and I left snowater at about 9 am. The air temperature at 5000 ft  had reached 40 degrees yesterday and we were concerned the snow pack might be "crusty the clown". Our plan was to skin out under Mt Herman, head for the Herman saddle, and ride the backside bowl. Mazama bowl is northish facing, and has a couple well placed mountains around it. We hoped it would not be sun effected.

Mazama Bowl
Eric's ski poles would not work so we had to share. Grady led the way and picked an excellent route. The lakes and creeks were all running so we had to be careful. At one point we had to cross the semi frozen lake one at a time. Always makes me nervous!!!

Mazama bowl was fun, but had a slight crust. Grady and I hiked up to the base of Table and dropped a cool spine line. The sky was overcast so our photos were not as good as yesterday. We were simply stoked to make fresh turns.

Grady sending it!

The ride back towards the ski area was even more fun!!! The sun had softened the crust and we milked the turns! Spending the day with 3 of my best friends in the world made today special!! 46 hikes to go!!! More snow in the forecast for this weekend, and the ski area could open on Friday!!! Things are looking up!!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

3/16/15 Luck of the Irish one day early!!!

Caught a ride up with Jeremy the neighbor. The arctic fart came in just right and the rain that was supposed to fall became snow!!!!  A couple inches at White Salmon and over a foot above 5000 ft!!!
This is always a good scene when you roll in the lot!!!

First run was out to the same line we did yesterday. It broke huge yesterday, so it was a good line to "feel the snow" and not be too risky. The snow was soft and appeared to be holding well!!! I was gonna let Jeremy go first, but then my powder fever got the best of me and I dropped in....

We met up with "Everyday" Alex and Shayla Maupin. Alex was hiking with no shirt on and was a trip as usual. Today was the first time I ever rode Hemispheres by hiking up the Gunner's Bowl Saddle. Been fixing to do it since chairs 5 and 8 closed back in January and it felt great to do it. Snow was getting warm, but was fantastic!!!

Shayla and Alex


The crew hiked back up the saddle and through the ski area to Pan Face. Another stellar run with excellent lighting!! Got a little peppery towards the bottom,but might have been my favorite of the day!! Back in the lot we ran into Brody the lifty and he treated us to some cold Bush Beers. Head for the mountains with Bush beer!!! My dad's favorite!!! 52 hikes now!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

3/15/15 Return of mother winter!!!

Big thanks to Discount Tire In Bellingham. They ordered me a new tire and Grady paid the $19.50 to get me a new warranty. Owe many good friends like Grady more than money for their efforts this winter!!! After a great deal of reflecting, I have accepted that I might not make all my goals this season. If you achieve 100% of your goals, they might be too low? I try not to fear failure, try not to give it power over me. Long story short, I am not giving up yet!!!!

Dan and Jeremy from upstairs gave me a ride up the hill because it was snowing!!! We hiked out to “10 minute trees” and knew it was gonna slide! It felt great to make a soft turn, but we were extra careful because it was ripping big, wet, slow slides. Very possible the hill could re open, if it doesn't rain too much tonight! 49 Down 51 To Go!

Monday, March 9, 2015

3/7/15 -3/8/15 Bad things happen in 3's?? Well than things should get better soon!!


Ride up the hill was provided by Vaughn Gifford. Vaughn is an instructor at the hill, but his true passion is music. We chatted about writing, recording, and performing for most of the ride. It was a great start to the day.

The sun was blazing brightly as I headed out for a hike. Near the base of the Chimney I noticed that my Machu Pichu patch had fallen off. It made my heart sink, Probably not going back to the high Andes for a while!!! The view cheered me up, so I took a video to share. The ride down was soft and slow until I made it to the Blueberry Chute. It was super icy and I had to side slip some of the way down!!

The ride home was from Miles, a cool high school kid from Bellingham. We listened to Freddie Gibbs, a rapper from Gary, Indiana. True rap, no autotune The dude is extra thug-a-licious!!! Check him out!!


Partied with Grady and Erok at Chair 9 last night and had a great time!! As I walked out to the road I noticed my tire had a bubble in it!!! Ouch!!! Looks like no more driving for the rest of the season!!! Really glad I have a bike!!!!

Many people ask If I ever turn down a ride. I never have, but today I thought long and hard about it! The driver, Brandon, did a double burn out turn around in the middle of the highway. I was stoked for the ride, and Brandon toned down his driving on the way up. It was a fast ride up the hill.

My main goal for hike #48 was to find the Machu Pichu patch I lost yesterday. No dice!!!! It must have blown away in the wind like a lyric from Bob Dylan. I checked the lost and found just for shits and giggles and received some more non-positive news!!! The ski area had decided to close due to lack of snow!! So today will be the last day of the season unless we get some snow!!!! Ouch!! The death blow to my unyielding positiveness concerning the 14-15 season!!!

The ride down came from Dan. I recognized him from my days as a bartender at Chair 9, and I really tried to enjoy the ride down, will it really be the end? So many questions in my mind?

One more ounce of non excellent news. The daylight savings time/ early morning raft trip had caused my friend “Everyday” Alex to miss today at the ski hill. He rode everyday of the season only to miss the last day! A very strange Shakespearean ending.

I am gonna take today to reflect on my quest. Can I continue? All I need is 52 hikes to complete my goal!!! With no lifts running, rides will be hard to come by and the tire further complicates my transportation issues!!! Seeking advice here!! If you have input please share and tell me what you think!! I could definitely use some support and advice! So don't be afraid to give it to me straight!!


Friday, March 6, 2015

3/5/15 - 3/6/15 Portland moves to Glacier


Mount Baker and Hood Meadows did a pass exchange this season. Allowing pass holders 5 free lift tickets at the other resort. A really cool idea that I hope continues in the future. Today, my rides up and down came from Karl and Rachel, two meadows pass holders taking advantage of the great deal!

Karl had grown up just down the highway in Deming and knew the area well. He was totally freaking out when he saw how little snow was around!! Not so shocking to me anymore!!!!

“Everyday” Alex and I took a lap out to the wind lip I rode yesterday. It was still good, and the snow was getting even softer from the high temperatures. Grady's new work schedule is making getting to the food bank tough!!! I asked Alex if he wanted to go. His response was classic. “ No dude, I found some food in the garbage so I should be good this week.” I thought I was tough!!! I guess I call him the wolverine for a reason! Allison and Tyler are having a party tonight!


The dinner parties of Glacier are keeping me full of food! Thanks to Tyler and Allison for a great
dinner last night. Johnny and Eric gave me a ride up the hill. I had to wait an hour so I was happy for the lift. These guys were also from Hood Meadows, but did not know the others from yesterday.

Hiked up to Huntoon point and could not shake the frustration of the season. The best laid plans of mice and men I guess!!! In the lull, I could see the next high point coming and I knew this lowly feeling would only be temporary! 46 hikes this season and counting # 50 is gonna feel good!

Ride down came from Robbie, a lifty from a few years back. It was great to catch up!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3/3/15 -3/4/15 Seems like Colorado out here???


Paul and Emma, two traveling kiwi's, moved all their gear to give me a ride. They said they had been hitching all over Canada and wanted to pay it forward!! Today was their 1st day in America and I wanted to make a good impression on them in the name of all good, loving Americans!!! I talked them into going for a hike out to the base of the Chimney!! 

We hiked from the parking lot, instead of taking the chair. The day was warm and sunny, one of those days that the wind in your face makes you feel truly alive. I found a sweet spot where the wind had deposited some snow and we milked the mellow turns for all they were worth. Great to meet cool people!!

Maggie Shwartz gave Kyle Maciulski and I a ride down. Tonight is her birthday party and it is gonna be a feast!! Thanks to Dave Reera for the capicola and salami! It feels great to have something to share!


Maggie's birthday party was wicked!!! So much food and a really good turn out of at least 50 people.
I ate too much!! and had a few beers. Jeremy, the neighbor, came along for the first time to a Glacier party. I think he had a good time!!!

Josh and Ann gave me another ride today. I was thankful because the parking lot was empty. Getting rides is becoming more difficult, but that is what makes it fun sometimes. The smaller of event it takes to make me happy, the better off I am. I think??!!

Found an excellent wind wave of snow to ride and I took a photo to give you an idea of what I am talking about. I am gonna take someone there tomorrow because it was that fun!! Matt Colford gave me a ride down. He runs food service at the hill, and we bullshitted about the season. Gonna try to get him out tomorrow! Erok says he is in too!

Monday, March 2, 2015

3/1/15 - 3/2/15 so much sunshine! so little snow!

Image result for thin lizzyWent out last night with two of my best friends in the world last night. As Grady McCombs, Eric Triplett and I rode our bikes to Chair 9, I felt like a cosmic wind had blown me back 5 years in time. Time spends with dear friends is time cherished in my book. I swear I could hear Thin Lizzy's “The boys are back in town” coming from the darkness!!!

Ride up was from Tim today. Tim owns a DJ company and has lost over 100 lbs in the last year or so. The way he described snowboarding and it's importance in his life resonated with me. It was nice to listen to him speak his mind, knowing we were totally on the same page. He put on some beats and free-styled a little. He had talent and I enjoyed discussing his more electronic style!!

Played tag with the bathrooms again and then rode down near the Blueberry chutes. Snow should be here in like a week, we need our terrain back!!!! Ride down came from Paul. Paul is British, living in BC and dating a girl from Bellingham!! How worldly!!Nice guy!!

Tyler and Allison

Tucker Parrish and Jesse Hughes were my ride up today. They had big news!!!!They are going to manage a ranch outside of Twisp, Washington. Seems like this winter is killing our town, but I try to remember “The Lion King” circle of life kind of thing!!!

Met up with Tyler and Allison Long for a couple icy runs and then Tyler and I hiked out to Artist Point. The hill has been cold at night and the snow has been blowing around fiercely. Some of the gullies on top are refilling with blown in snow every night. The terrain is super mellow, but no one should complain about sunny, soft, mellow turns these days!!!! We met back up with Allison and the dogs and enjoyed the sunshine. #42 in the books. Thanks to Allison and Tyler for the ride home!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/27/15 -2/28/15 The end of February!!!

Chimney on the left

Jamie, Mackenzie, and Megan gave me a ride up this morning. They are employees and all skiers!
Went directly out to the artist point bathrooms and played tag with the building. It was high overcast and icy. Then I headed up to the base of the chimney..Super quiet out there a great place to open your mind! Bob “the gray” gave me another ride this season. He has now given me 9 rides this season! next week he is off to Europe!!

my line towards the Nacho Chute


Caught a ride up with three Canadian girls from Vancouver. Two cars stopped before them, one asked me if I wanted to ride in the bed of his truck and the other was just parking in the pull out. Kristy, Carly and Kelly were super nice and we had a great deep chat about relationships on the way up.

I went straight to hiking today. The hill was icy and busy and even the backcountry was crowded. The sunshine was amazing I hiked today in a t-shirt! Went up to Huntoon Point and decided to ride down the back side toward the bottom of the nacho chute. The snow looked too good to resist, even if I was going to hike right back up the same face. My second runs was from the top back to he ski area. Got a couple good videos too! 40 hikes this season!!

Managed to link up with the same ladies for the ride down. Last night was Jordan Hoss's birthday party at Ben's farm. We had an excellent jam session and I hope to put some of it on here next week! Listen at your own risk!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/25/15 - 2/26/15 one inch at a time!!


Daniel Bullock slowed his Tacoma on down and I was thankful for the lift. I met Daniel 10 days ago when he game me lift down the hill. He is 35, and still can't give up his love for the mountains. He wanted to work on some crampon and ice ax skills so I decided to join him for a hike out to Huntoon Point. I took a mellow route and he tried a more technical zone.

Found some “end of the day” birds on top and even they would eat out of my hand!

Ride down came from David who works in instruction. He had received a bottle of scotch as a tip! The tip was from Leon who has been at the resort quite a bit lately. Leon gave me a ride last week on the 18th.


I have heard of "sugarbush" but not "snowbush"
Ride up today came from no one other than the infamous Leon. He had his Dutch girlfriend Hesther with him and it was their last day! It snowed an inch last night and a little more throughout the day.

I met up with Kainan Landholm and quickly convinced him to go for a hike. Kainan had been in Nebraska for the last month and was chomping at the bit to get after it! We had a little visibility for the first run out to the now very familiar Blueberry Chutes. We were skipping on the ice through our turns, but could tell it would be good with just another couple inches. Kainan talked me into the 2nd hike as the sock rolled in. By the time we got to the bathrooms you couldn't see 5 feet from our faces. The ride down was total vertigo! We couldn't see anything or tell how fast we were moving. We stayed to the road so it was super safe, always a weird feeling!

Kainan lost the roeshambo with “everyday” Alex and had to wait for another ride. Alex and I rode down with Ashton from NC.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2/24/15 Duel sport days are the best!!

This is my 50th post of the season. There have been 67 day since ski season began on December 20th. The ski area has operated 66 of those days. I have rode 76 days and 70 in a row. 134 hitches up and down the hill. I hiked my 34th backcountry run of the season today, and have spent $0.00 since December 20th.

The road was desolate this morning, but I was confident a kind soul would help me out with a ride. Cars coming out of snowater have to look the hitcher in the eyes as they scan both ways in order to make a safe turn onto the highway. It is your eyes that delivers the compassion needed to realize “Well shit!! I could totally help this fellow human.”

It was in this way that Adam and his wife Jessica gave me a lift. They came to visit from Toronto and had no accent! The Canadian accent seems mostly a BC thing. On the way up I mostly looked out the window, as we chatted about this and that.

On the hike I stumbled onto the highway at about 5000 feet. Appears Artist Point parking lot will open extra early this summer. Two winters ago, the lot had 40 feet of snow on it when they tried to open on August 1st. This season it might be July 1st.

Peder Bottheim gave me a ride home and then I got a call to play some disk golf. Jeff Carlson and Laura Meyers met me at hole one. My shoulder felt even better than last time! I shot extremely well, 1 off my course best of 14 under.

Monday, February 23, 2015

2/22/15 - 2/23/15 Plenty of Vitamin D up there!!


A sunny morning in Glacier, and the birds were singing as I made my way to the highway. Only a few cars passed before a Subaru stopped. It was Heather Haines heading up to hammer some turns. We rode together on 2/8/15 and it was nice to randomly see each other. We met up with Carson Yach, and “Everyday” Alex for some laps in the sun. The snow pack is down to the ground in some places as high as 4800 ft! We chilled at the mossy bench near the top of the blueberry cat track!


Heather gave me a ride down the hill. We talked about a telephone-pictionary game-night-party. Then using the phrases and drawings to write a song! For those of you who have never played it works like this: 1st person writes down a phrase at the very top of a piece of paper, the 2nd person reads the phrase folds it over so it can't be seen and then draws the phrase, the 3rd person looks at the drawling and writes a phrase on  a new piece of paper and so on. Everybody starts as the 1st person and goes at the same time. It is useful to put your initials on your drawings and phrases to help keep order. You also needs lots of paper and pens. Sounds like a killer good time!!!


Backside of Shuksan Arm

Today it was Josh and Ann who stopped their Subaru to give me a lift. All ski bums love Subaru vehicles. I love to tell people they are made in my hometown. Josh and Ann have been up at the hill forever! They are 45 and look 33! Today I got a good chance to hang with these guys and get to know them better. The sun was shinning and it is always a good day to make new friends.

I hiked out the road and decided to check out a different zone. I headed out towards Lake Ann getting hammered by the sun. The views were great, but my camera died before I could get a video. The sun had softened the snow for my ride down and it was mellow, soul-shine fun!! #33

Riley Fulton and his hommie Dustin gave me a ride down. Riley had busted his ski today and said he was gonna take a week off. Not much snow left!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2/21/15 Hike #32 and it was a bruiser!!!

Kelly Sensecqua and Darren Hainrihar came over for some beers last night. We talked about heading out to the “Lightning Rod” to see if there is any snow up high! When they called this morning, something made me jump out of bed and get after it. I don't think it was the snow conditions. I think only doing these short hikes lately has made me thirst for something more difficult and worthy of being called a "Backcountry run".

cool snow ridge

First of all let me just say these guys are true madmen! They crushed me on the opening section of the hike. They never stop for any reason, and they don't call him “Cardio Kelly” for nothing! Darren is more like Legolas from “The Lord of the Rings” his foot never falls through the snow. He is always on top of the snow while everyone else is up to their knee. I stopped to take a photo and fell behind.

Darren "the hanglider"

 Them boy waited for me and soon enough we were on the glacier. It was super icy out there, and I was about to turn back because I did not have crampons or an ice ax. Right then Corey Nolan and Max Paetz came out of nowhere. ( In reality they came from the top!) After chatting for a bit, Max offered me his crampons. No way I would have made it without them!! Your the man Max! We snapped a few photos on top. It was very choice up there!!

"Cardiovascular" Kelly

The ride down was better than I thought. There was about 3 inches on boiler plate ice. As Darren went 1st, I could see it would be fun as long as you didn't lay into your turns. Another hour hike out and we made it to the truck. I was beat!! Finally a hike worth talking about!

Friday, February 20, 2015

2/19/15 -2/20/15 Thanks for the snow!! Can I have some more!!


Manford the mustache is back!
Arkie gave me a second ride up this season. The first was on 1/16/15 and he had the same Metallica Album on!!!! I can listen to the same cd in the car for months at a time so I was down with it.

The hill was trying its hardest to snow, but like an old man not much was coming out. It had snowed a bit and the runs were soft, but slow. I guess shaving my beard helped a little! Hopefully it will kick in tonight and bring us some pow!!

The ride down came from Stacie. She made her way up to Baker from Snohomish for a hike in the hills! Turns out she runs the office for a local Skydiving company!!!! Never gone sky diving, but would love to give it a go! Josh Charles makes it look easy in Hawaii, but then again he makes everything “look” easy!!!


Jack Taylor and Kaden McFarland moved some gear to squeeze me it this morning. Young bucks and the beans, Like fish and chips: Classic, traditional, and nearly inseparable. Tough for me to turn the stoke up like these guys can. They were about to fly out of the car when it started snowing near the top!!

Took some switch laps in the fresh inch of snow and then decided to go hike. It was extra socked in so I went out to a line on blueberry I could ride in my sleep. It felt great to be able to actually ride down the hill side. The last 3 hikes I had to ride down the snow covered road because it was bullet proof icy! Took a second lap with "Everyday Alex" to work off all the steak from last night. He has  made everyday this season, still doesn't ever wear gloves and is really part wolverine I believe. He lives in our rafting gear shed down at Wild and Scenic and has no heat!! He told me he has only spent about $100 this winter. I told him I will pick him up to go to the food bank next week! What an animal! 31 hikes!

Kelly Sensecqua gave me a ride down. We have been buddies since the 07-08 season. He just started a tree service business and needs clients if anyone needs some good cheap tree work! GOOD LUCK KELLY!!